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  • Dat_mountie

    Some one sees the tactical whip and there like...😰 yes master

  • natalie park
    natalie park

    "Newton's laws, are a b*tch" -Markiplier 2021

  • Austin Rowe
    Austin Rowe

    Yk what a rlly good defense weapon is a gun

  • Diamond Mare
    Diamond Mare

    Me playing bit life be like: “a bully calls you stupid everyday! What do you do?” Me: “I want to.. want to.. roundhouse kick him to the neck. Yes. KICK HIM

  • NightFalcon Atday
    NightFalcon Atday

    No hate on Mark... but bro he does not know how to fight

  • Vee TheAmazingGreek
    Vee TheAmazingGreek

    GOD you are funny. That axe thing had me laughing so hard my stomach was hurting. I had to subscribe.

  • O.T.F Robba
    O.T.F Robba

    "Im watching you" got me

  • gigi ruiz
    gigi ruiz

    stop you are so funny i drank a lot of water now i have to pee and someone is in the bathroom lol

  • Josh Boettcher
    Josh Boettcher

    17:25: Dude! I have that VERY exact tool! What a coincidence!

  • James Ludwig
    James Ludwig

    That baton with the keychain is like the giant stick you get to use the restroom at a conviencince store

  • Raymond Kuma
    Raymond Kuma

    If you are seeing this God loves you

  • RoboRyan

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how hilarious of a pair Lixian and Mark are? I haven't laughed so hard because of a video in a long while

  • XXX957TRO

    20:10 holy shit I replayed that about 20 times he sounded so fucking good there i wish he broke out in song or something opera yo

  • Majora

    'I built a chair" markiplier edition!

  • Céréale Killer
    Céréale Killer


  • Donald Back
    Donald Back

    The 3.7k that disliked this are weenies

  • Jacoby Santos
    Jacoby Santos


  • Kiona

    "Imagine me coming at you..with anger on my face" *heehoo flashbacks*

  • Claudiu Grigore
    Claudiu Grigore

    Me with the knife thing: ok it isent that bad i can do thee on my own Mark: OH JESUS OH JESUS I M GANA DIE I WILL DIE THESE IS HAW I DIE!

  • That Guy Jeff
    That Guy Jeff

    Bag mark if you want them to suffer get some double sided tape stick it to the alarm and sick it to the robber's ear and make them suffer but you probably Gona get shot.

  • Camille-H. Fournier
    Camille-H. Fournier

    The editing makes me chuckle so much 😂✨


    1:30 LITTERING!

  • Freya Lawrence
    Freya Lawrence

    Is this the new mortal kombat XD

  • Kron Staro
    Kron Staro

    dude does shitty reviews while using a voice changer, gets 5 mil views just because ppl think thats his real voice

  • External_slayer2

    Yo mark the 19:58 is so good

  • Mark Watson
    Mark Watson

    Someone : so how did your singing career start? Mark : its complicated.......20:08

  • Mark Watson
    Mark Watson

    Mark : imma professional Also Mark at 20:07 , with a bracelet : 0h mY g0d I'm g0NNA D1eeeee

  • Rhyannon Cupitt
    Rhyannon Cupitt

    Y'know what would make all of these products better? If they were all tasers :P

  • MsGrunge

    Is nobody gonna talk about the body he has rolled up in the carpet Is nobody gonna talk about how one of his socks is pulled up more than the other???

  • Tristan Dawson-manzella
    Tristan Dawson-manzella

    B to blow

  • TRNHardy

    Would the knife bracelet be classed as a conceal carry 🤔

  • Raúl Dios
    Raúl Dios

    10:40 he puts it back on

  • Pehmokettu

    Mannequin thinks: "Kill me". Then an ad for vaginal yeast infection medicine starts. :D

  • Raúl Dios
    Raúl Dios

    18:03 something fell of the axe

  • Iridescent

    Self-defense instructor here! Was sent this video for a good laugh. I was not disappointed, 10/10 merchandise review. For those looking for a simple and effective self-defense tool that won't get you arrested in most areas of the United States for simply carrying it on your person, go with the kubotan (metal with the pointed tip) and attach it to your keys. There are plastic and decorative versions as well that you can take through the airport if you want to carry a weapon with you while traveling. It's also good for people who store their keys in a bag or purse since the kubotan makes them easy to find. Just don't put your fingers through the key ring. You can indeed break fingers if someone yanks the kubotan from your grasp. _And for the love of all things good please don't buy a knife and wear it around your wrist._ Purchase a small pocket knife and wear it in your waistband if you want to be discreet.

  • DANI M. Sag
    DANI M. Sag

    Something about Mark reminds me of Keanu Reeves.

  • NotJohnathan


  • SJ_Cyclo

    Imagine just trying to rob mark on the street... *AND HE PULLS OUT 184 WEAPONS*

  • Mateo Estrada
    Mateo Estrada

    The metalpoints likethe end of the whip are called daggersti

  • Kaoz Ray
    Kaoz Ray

    i knew he'd be hurtin himself with the self-defense stuff. lmao

  • Depressed MotherFlunker
    Depressed MotherFlunker

    An ad about simply piano and a girl named Jackie's birthday and her aunt or whoever was playing happy birthday for her from zoom on piano, and then I skipped at the near end of the ad, and it was just Markiplier stabbing Steve's eyes lmaooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomasagen

    Or you know. A gun works.

  • Stubby 460
    Stubby 460

    Since when was marks hair like that

  • Steven Hurt
    Steven Hurt

    Bro! The shorts Mark is wearing might be the shorts I have has my tennis uniform!!

  • railyn pentland
    railyn pentland

    I come back after Like 4 years to this?? He looks like a surfer on the verge of crack

  • Peter Tropoli
    Peter Tropoli

    markiplier is probably the best youtuber he actually shows his feelings instead of having an on video persona and an off video persona

  • Kayden Turner
    Kayden Turner


  • Kayden Turner
    Kayden Turner


  • Nikolai Hanson
    Nikolai Hanson

    I thought keanu reeves used guns he says he won't use gun he kinda looks like keanu reeves

  • Z Carp
    Z Carp

    From 1:24 to like, 1:34 is so funny to me and I don't know why

  • Parker Spain
    Parker Spain

    17:42 I have that!

  • Assassinsam

    Did mark saying "you're under attack" scare the shit out of anyone else

  • WikiHowFrog 903
    WikiHowFrog 903

    16:01 is pure gold

  • CrazyChloe115

    The screecher one is actually really effective, i have one on my bag and have had to use it multiple times, it gives you enough time to run away, and you would be suprised it doesnt fall out easily at all

  • AggressiveFox 45
    AggressiveFox 45

    Honestly I’d go with the whip. It has nice range on it for keeping people away. The taser baton seems nice but the attacker would probably just grab it and use it against you. No one would dare grab a fast moving whip.

  • Jakob Kuhn
    Jakob Kuhn

    Watching mark blow up that dummy brought back an Unus Annus moment lol

  • checkout the social dilemma on netflix
    checkout the social dilemma on netflix

    It doesn't have electrical damage but it has psychological damage from the memory from when u stole ur dad weed and he said go find a switch

  • Lex Hardy
    Lex Hardy

    I actually have the knife bracelet. After a little bit of practice and sharping the knife a bit , it works great

  • Sabrina Carvalho
    Sabrina Carvalho

    "you're up against deck man" I choose Charizard

  • Ayden Mita
    Ayden Mita

    i love that he has a mic on him but it doesn't work XD

  • Abagail Yarber
    Abagail Yarber

    I like the part were you sing

  • Superninja 3.0
    Superninja 3.0

    wow marks mic pack was off most of the video

  • Wahhbajack

    Pls keep Lixian forever

  • ganggang gbd
    ganggang gbd

    I love mark I think he is youtuber ever♥️

  • Diogo Farinha
    Diogo Farinha

    This is why Doom Guy can do it all using his fists alone. :o

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear

    I have tough guy 😳

  • japulus

    Get a hair cut

  • tH3 f0rtNit3 n0ob
    tH3 f0rtNit3 n0ob

    At 20:06 his voice is absolutely WONDERFUL!

  • Spencer Gaming
    Spencer Gaming

    Is someone going to rob his house now

  • Lucas Daubenspeck
    Lucas Daubenspeck

    is that the superliminal music in the backround

  • Rachael Swan
    Rachael Swan

    Please, for the love of God, someone buy this man an Air Pump

  • Jack Sandman
    Jack Sandman

    Deck Man is terrifying I hope he's in the next horror game/movie

  • THEminecraftKID

    Pls answer or see this....and plz be yes bc we don’t judge....but do you smoke weed?👀 Just asking because your way of expressing your comedy is hilarious and it’s in a way somebody high would do it. 😂😂

    • THEminecraftKID

      LET MARK SEE THIS ^^^ @Markiplier

  • jay menon
    jay menon

    I just want him to handle lightsabers , for sure he will capture full universe 😂

  • Reptillicus

    Please don’t let anyone let Mark see the Tac Light guy and all his tac items.

  • Matheus Bastos
    Matheus Bastos

    He aimmed for a collapsible batton and got a magic shop collapsible cane/staff. Hahahah

  • Nathan Venegas
    Nathan Venegas

    Why am I watching this at 1:00 am?

  • Jamie Sassone
    Jamie Sassone

    LOL Markiplier be having the John wick look

  • Pug Corp
    Pug Corp

    Our reaction when 20:20 ended

  • MyDude

    Why isn’t anyone talking about 20:01? Mark sounded amazing 🤩

  • Malic Acid
    Malic Acid

    john wick but its markiplier

  • Malic Acid
    Malic Acid

    the alarm is perfect for a robber with tinnitus

  • PollyCatCloud23

    Nobody: No one ever: Me: Him: I👏LIKE👏MY👏ASS👏THE👏IT👏IS👏


    Or robbers can use these...

  • Dom7543 11
    Dom7543 11


  • GB spada
    GB spada

    forget the objects use the dumy head

  • Black Eyed Leech
    Black Eyed Leech

    4:21 I’m sorry but why is that so gosh darn cute?

  • Slither Gacha
    Slither Gacha

    0:21 “And If I can get a discount on ending someone else’s life you know I’m gonna take that chance” Me: *dieing of laughter*

  • Slowku Gaming
    Slowku Gaming

    Love the humour as always Mark. Though to be on the more serious side self defense should always be followed by common sense, research and not gimmicks. Not just a price tag. Example that whip, while a bit unorthodox, has actually been tested to do some damage. Well maybe "damage" isn't the right word but it's been proven it can hurt like a royal bitch. Kubatons have been around for years and if used correctly can be a useful tool. Personal alarms are really, really hit or miss. The compact staff isn't meant for defense, more of just a show off kinda fidget item. Could be used for light martial demo but eh ya, more like a BBQ fun item.

  • Munesh Prasad
    Munesh Prasad

    My psychiatrist : French markaplier can't hurt you he's not real French Markaplier : 3:34

    • Neka Mire
      Neka Mire


  • Heather's Beauty Inside & Out
    Heather's Beauty Inside & Out

    What happened to your B to blow skillz...😉

  • Corey Johnson
    Corey Johnson

    Mark, y u so hilarious?!

  • Dabi Toya Todoroki
    Dabi Toya Todoroki

    1:27 I wonder if there is just like a big pile of trash outside that window

  • Nolan Irish Bro
    Nolan Irish Bro


  • Shining Wolfie :3
    Shining Wolfie :3

    Mark and murder never gets old

  • Troll thing 1
    Troll thing 1

    Soooooooo much for his pet named steve

  • MrAtticus24


  • TheBatMan WhoLaughed
    TheBatMan WhoLaughed

    Bro u really got me in tears rn when u hit urself with the purse Grenade😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀😂💀💀💀💀💀💀🤝

  • Noah Thompson
    Noah Thompson

    Makes money but very stuiped

  • Srenagade

    So its super funny that he found a 10 pack of kubatons and when I went to one of his live shows I had to throw mine away. So I guess even though it not a weapon it still looks like one.